Advanon co-founder Stijn Pieper

Speech of Advanon co-founder and CTO, Stijn Pieper

Yesterday Advanon co-founder Stijn spoke in front of the Dutch senate about how innovation-ecosystems should be fostered and encouraged by Public Leadership. In celebration of the 200 years anniversary of the Kingdom of Netherlands, the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, organized a symposium at the Dutch senate. The symposium was held in order to discuss the achievements and challenges that the country face in the years to come, and among the topics was Technological Innovation.

Innovation contributes to the welfare

As an entrepreneur and former student of Delft University of Technology, Stijn was invited to contribute with his perspective on how innovation can contribute to the welfare of Netherlands. Stijn pointed out throughout his speech that in order for innovation-ecosystems to remain competitive on a regional and global level, Public leadership is required. He suggested that public representatives should foster innovation by openly discuss the most current topics and by pushing for collaborations between the private and public sectors.

Advanon co-founder Stijn Pieper

We are extremely proud that Advanon co-founder Stijn was given the great honour to present his views and that he clearly pointed out how governments can contribute to the development of the technological industry.

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