We have outgrown our office spaces and will move into larger premises in April. As we believe in synergies, knowledge transfer and good vibes, we would love to share our brand new offices and found AdvaSpace, a hub for like-minded companies. 

The AdvaSpace will be based in upcoming Zurich-Altstetten and in close proximity to the train station, public transport as well as motorway access. It is located on the top floor and surrounded by a terrace and will be designed to our needs in a state-of-the-art and welcoming open-office style with meeting pods and rooms, a lunch area, chill zones, a foyer and showers.

Shared space, shared values

Future co-workers should ideally share a similar corporate culture and values. At Advanon, our employees’ happiness is the key to success. The media called us “Switzerland’s most attractive employer” and we live up to this obligation every day. Our AdvaPerks, for example, enable every Advanoner to not only balance life and work, but combine both in the best way possible. Unlimited holidays, remote working or a gym subscription are just a few of the many benefits.


How to apply

If you can relate to the above, we are happy to receive your application. Please send us:

  • an expressive team photo
  • a short explanation, why your company and Advanon would be a perfect match
  • your company profile with all the important figures, your history and a description of your services or product.

Phil Hauser is looking forward to assessing your entries. Please only apply via email to hr@advanon.com . We can take up to 50 additional people in and will take our decision based on the quality of the applications and also based on what we feel is the best fit. As a second step, we will meet with our top candidates for a “chemistry check”.

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