Autor(in) - Katharina Boehringer

Behind the Scenes: Meet Dimitri Lüthi, our Head of Investor Relations

Dimitri Lüthi

Even when there’s a tornado of tasks or challenges brewing up in the office, he’s the calm in the storm. Or with reference to his height: The lighthouse in a whirling sea. Probably he is patient, at ease, composed and kind by nature as an acclaimed endurance athlete. He lives above the Lake of Zug and “commutes” from the countryside to Zurich by bike – piece of...

From startup to maturity: With growing C-Level and full speed ahead towards a successful future

We set the course for further growth and have extended our management team. The founders Stijn Pieper and Phil Lojacono concluded it’s about time to share responsibilities and get additional senior expertise on board: “We have grown fast and want to keep growing. We’ve done well as a startup – including all the ups and downs that naturally come with it, now...