Philip Kornmann

Why did you, Stijn, and Phil decide to start Advanon?

There are a few reasons why we decided to start Advanon together. One of the most important reasons was, and still is, that we want to have an impact on how SMEs are getting access to financing. All three of us had experienced, either by ourselves or through family and friends, the challenges that many SMEs have with managing their cash flows and the difficulties they have to go through when applying for financing through traditional institutions. We simply set out on a mission to change the situation and support SMEs in their financing challenges in the smartest possible way.

Since the overall economy has improved over the last few years, the issue has developed from simply not getting access to financing, to finding a financing setup that is easy to get access to and fits well into the processes of the company. So another reason for us starting Advanon was to challenge traditional financial products, and to work on making them more user friendly through innovative technical solutions.

Lastly, a third reason was that we saw a gap in the market. It was simply a good idea that had the right timing 🙂

What does a typical day look like?

I am an early-starter and normally arrive at the office around 7 am. After having brewed the first cup of coffee I take the time to inspect our different KPIs, what the general trend is, and if there is something standing out that we need to analyse further. Since our start we have been very focused on data, and are constantly improving on how we are working with it. Everyone has access to multiple dashboards giving good overviews of various aspects of the business, which also allow for deeper analysis of the numbers. Starting the day by looking the KPIs allow me to assess if some new initiatives have to be fitted into the days agenda.

It is difficult to say how the rest of a typical day looks like as they tend to differ quite a lot. Some usual elements are a couple of internal meetings with project groups or teams related to specific issues, and external meetings with partners or clients.

Luckily, everyone within the organisation is striving to keeping the meetings few and concise, so there is plenty of room for me to work on different topics such as process improvements, new product solutions, or other topics that we at Operations are handling.

What do you enjoy the most working at Advanon?

The thing I enjoy the most with working at Advanon is that I can constantly see a very high level of ambition from our team and to feel that I am apart of it. We are constantly striving to improve our business and the services that we are providing to our clients. Team members are coming up with ambitious ideas on a daily basis and are not hesitating to roll up the sleeves pursuing them. It is an environment that creates a strong drive within me to keep on improving whilst feeling full of energy.

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