Tim Mock

How did you get to Advanon?

Early 2017, when I came back from traveling in New Zealand, I was looking for a job and heard back from a colleague about Advanon and that they are currently in need of an intern and that this position would be a fit for me.

After starting my internship here at Advanon, which was planned to be 5 months, I decided in August to not start my studies in September already as planned, but stay at Advanon for another year and postpone the studies.

What is your job at Advanon?

My main responsibility at Advanon is to provide optimal support for every customer request. The requests are coming through the Livechat, E-mail or phone. Also I am working on different projects and and do some HR work.

What is most exciting about your work?

The most exciting thing about my work is that I every day is interesting. There are many different kinds of challenges that I am facing every day and my job definitely does not get boring. Generally I like the fast moving environment at Advanon which makes the work here very interesting for me because there are a lot of different experiences I can make.

What’s the best thing about working at Advanon in general?

Beside the fact that Advanon’s team is very dedicated and motivated, I especially appreciate the flexibility and trust that is given to me at work. But i could also mention a lot of other things here, like the Advaperks, our benefit system, which includes unlimited holidays for example.

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