Christoph Hirnschall

Christoph Hirnschall, Lead Credit Analytics, at Advanon

Why did you decide to join Advanon?

I already heard about Advanon in 2015 from our CTO Stijn Pieper, who did an exchange semester at ETH Zürich. At that time I started getting very interested in machine learning and took multiple courses in that field at ETH. After an exciting internship in Palo Alto (USA) and a few months as a research assistant at ETH, I eventually decided to pursue a career in that field. In late 2016 I joined Advanon to tackle data driven challenges in credit risk.

What is most exciting about your work?

In credit analytics we deal with large amounts of structured and unstructured data, and work with the most current technologies to analyse them. There are more than one million SMEs in Switzerland and Germany, and our goal is to provide accurate credit risk information in real time for every single company.

What’s the best thing about working at Advanon?

Advanon’s team is very motivated and agile, making it a great environment to work in. There are even multiple possibilities to do sports at Advanon, ranging from bouldering at lunch, to ski trips in winter.

Anything else you want to tell us?

We are constantly looking to expand our team with highly motivated and talented  engineers, with experience in Java/Kotlin and/or React.

Want to work with us? Apply here! 

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