Dimitri Lüthi

Even when there’s a tornado of tasks or challenges brewing up in the office, he’s the calm in the storm. Or with reference to his height: The lighthouse in a whirling sea. Probably he is patient, at ease, composed and kind by nature as an acclaimed endurance athlete. He lives above the Lake of Zug and “commutes” from the countryside to Zurich by bike – piece of cake for him. In winter, he’s permanently attached to his cross-country skis and if there’s no snow, you often find him running. All year round, you can be sure he’s never far from a Nutella jar. Meet our Head of Investor Relations: Dimitri Lüthi.

You started as Head of Investor Relations beginning of this year – how did you get to Advanon?

After university, I worked at a Private Equity fund investing in SMEs and was focused on helping them grow. Working with these SMEs, long payment terms and the liquidity inefficiencies this creates, as well as the lack of a good solution to this issue, became a familiar problem. Later, working in the global Mergers & Acquisitions team of Zurich Insurance, I was involved in building several partnerships between the insurer and insurtech/fintech startups. I was fascinated by the way these companies tackled problems and knew I wanted to do the same. Coming across Advanon, a dynamic and innovative startup that was solving SMEs liquidity problems, was a perfect match.

What exactly does your role comprise?

Really anything that touches the investors on our platform. Currently, my main focus is finalizing a number of partnerships with institutional investors, advancing our strategic shift from private crowd-financing to professional investors.

What do you like most about your job?

The responsibility and impact within the company, bringing innovation to receivables financing, and connecting investors with the invoices of SMEs.

What do you like most about working at Advanon in general?

Being part of a such a dynamic and driven team. Everyone pitches in when something needs to get done, and it really motivates everyone to help further grow the company..

A few words about the “private” Dimitri: What are you passionate about besides work?

I grew up competing in cross-country skiing. While I don’t manage to train as much anymore, I still enjoy staying in shape and compete in a few ski races every winter. Last year, I raced the Marcialonga, a beautiful 70km ski marathon through the Italian Dolomites. Hopefully, this year I will find time to race the 90km Vasaloppet in Sweden, the “queen” of all cross country ski races

Any position on your bucket list you are about to cross off in the near future?

During my studies, I spent a few months in Mongolia, however I did not manage to make it to the country’s Altai mountains and climb Mongolia’s highest peak, a >4000m summit on the border with China and Russia. It’s been on my bucket list since, and I hope to cross it off soon!

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