We work in an ever changing, innovative environment and are constantly in motion. None of us shies away from going the extra mile. However, some of us take that extra mile on the fast lane. Today we proudly present and cheer for our latest promotions at Advanon, amongst them our new CFO: Andrea Pünchera.

Passion, challenges and self-improvement

Andrea PüncheraThe former professional skier from Pontresina turned businessman joined Advanon in June 2017 as Head of Strategic Partnerships, but soon became our interim CRO. He embraces challenge and pulls up his sleeves in situations others might rather run and hide away from. His bright mind lights up every meeting and so it was just a logical consequence, he took over as our new CFO in April. “I love being part of a highly intelligent, motivated and passionate team that is ready to give everything in order to achieve a goal together”, the former EY M&A/Strategy consultant, who has also passed all three levels of the CFA, states. Apart from “many small self-improvement and health projects”, Andrea seeks to read a total of 12 books by the end of the year. He loves his coffee expertly and sloooowly brewed with his Chemex – but only on Sundays.

Product powerhouse going through the roof

Leoni RungeLeoni Runge started as our Product Manager powerhouse in July 2017 and got soon promoted to Head of Product. She’s the human interface between our IT and basically all the other departments, but still praises “the energy and humour within the team” – probably her recipe to be the rock in the storm: optimism and a great dose of fun combined with superheroine powers. “I’m extremely motivated by the opportunity to bring a high-potential product to new levels”, the ambitious freeskier and outdoors lover says. One personal goal of the year she has already ticked off her list after she spent one night camping on the roof of the house she lives in. Piece of cake, considered that in winter, she sometimes builds her own snow igloo in the middle of nowhere and sleeps in it.

The Burning Man

MartinOur newly promoted Head of Technology Martin Tschischauskas joined Advanon in May 2017 as Lead Software Engineer. His name might be unpronounceable, he soon proved, though that he doesn’t only speak coding, but also knows how to translate tech talk, which is essential when driving a fintech product forward and making sure the whole team rows the boat into the same direction. He has been dedicated to programming since he is 12 and still burns for it. Speaking of – one of his future goals is to attend Burning Man (spare ticket, anyone?). He also frequently grows wings and soon will get his paragliding license. He’s the living example “IT guys” are officially cooler than you.

Growth and Development

Lukas MoserLukas Moser is an Advanon success story of its own: He started as an Operations Intern in May 2016 and now is our Head of Business Operations. “I have quite high expectations on myself and I try to do my best to surpass them. I believe that you grow with the tasks at hand and Advanon provides exactly such an environment: where motivated people can grow both professionally as well as personally”, Lukas sums up. His personal goal is to improve his Russian and to dive deeper into the world of our developers he has to collaborate with a lot. He is also famous for his legendary Russian TGIFs – and we don’t miss a chance to show our support for his favourite country.

King of Hearts and Customers

Max SchicklerMax Schickler is Advanon’s first full-time employee. He joined in April 2016 as Head of Business Development and is now our Head of Customer Development managing a team of three. Customers and colleagues alike love Max – and he loves them back: “Working in a great team, seeing immediate results and receiving all those nice comments from our customers who say Advanon really has helped them grow and succeed – that’s what really drives me”, Max explains. He polished his brilliant manners, social excellence and unbeatable politeness at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. His personal goal is to further develop his management skills – which he has actually already tackled by taking part in an online course at Stanford.

Age ain’t nothing but a number

Tim MockMeet the smartest and most mature teenager you’ll ever come across: Tim Mock. Well, he was one when he joined the company as a Business Development Intern. At the age of 20 he has been promoted from Junior Business Development & Marketing Associate to Customer Development Associate. For many reasons. Let’s let him speak for himself: “At Advanon, I much appreciate the dynamics of the company, the flexibility in how to work and the responsibility which has been given to me since day one.” Not only did he outperform himself after taking over the mentioned responsibility, but also has he pursued his professional floorball career after work – meaning at least four times training a week plus competition days. We are already devastated he will leave us this summer to start his studies, however, we support him and can’t wait to maybe have him back with a degree in his pocket. “In my opinion, generally the highly skilled team and its current culture is an incredible asset of Advanon – I can’t imagine a better work environment in the future”, says Tim and leaves us hoping.

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