We set the course for further growth and have extended our management team. The founders Stijn Pieper and Phil Lojacono concluded it’s about time to share responsibilities and get additional senior expertise on board: “We have grown fast and want to keep growing. We’ve done well as a startup – including all the ups and downs that naturally come with it, now it’s about maturing and outgrowing those shoes”, both agree. ”This is a direct investment into our future as an established, trusted, benchmarking SME financing provider and technology company.”

Markus Gehrmann, Phil Lojacono, Andrea Pünchera and Stijn Pieper (left to right)

As part of the structural adaptation, our Co-Founder and CTO Stijn Pieper will take over the new position as CPO and focus on bringing our services and strategy to the next level. In April this year, Markus Gehrmann joined Advanon as our COO. “Since then, he has turned our processes upside down to the better and helped us improve on all ends,” concludes our CEO Phil Lojacono. Stijn will hand over his so far CTO role to and work closely with the new VP Engineering (please apply here). “I see my position also as being an interface between the Product and IT departments – I will push our product strategy further by combining my professional background in IT with my experience as a founder knowing the company and challenges when it comes to SME lending inside out,” Stijn explains.

New CRO to join in January

Earlier this year, Andrea Pünchera was promoted from Head of Strategic Partnerships/CRO ad interim to CFO. “Coming from EY, his strategic thinking has been beneficial for us from day one one,” says Phil. As part of the management team restructuring, we recently signed a CRO to head the credit risk team. He will start and be introduced in January. In addition, Stephan Natterer has contributed his extensive knowledge in the financing market as an external advisor since August. He gained his expertise and reputation in his field by heading the factoring Sales team at Credit Suisse and developing the factoring business at Raiffeisen Bank.  

Markus in a nutshell

Startup life is anything but new to Markus Gehrmann, who embraces the opportunities and challenges alike: “I enjoy startup life, because you are surrounded by smart and driven people, because you actually shape a company, having a direct impact and as well because of the dynamic environment – we decide something today and start implementing it tomorrow.” For more than three years, he played a key role in establishing Fyber (a leading Ad Tech company) and accelerating its transformation from startup to global technology company as a COO and Managing Director. Before, he built his career at Accenture for almost 15 years. “In the few months since he’s joined, Markus has not only lead his own team, but shown leadership for the whole company,” says Phil. If Markus is not at his desk or in a meeting, he can mostly be found on a mountain summit in the Swiss Alps, in his hometown Munich or in a European capital visiting friends.


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