Nao –  From Business Development Intern to Business Development Manager

Internship at Advanon

My journey at Advanon started in September 2016. I just finished my bachelor in Business Administration, and I always knew I wanted to work in a fast-growing start-up after my graduation. My passion for start-up emerged when I was in university and at that time, I participated to almost every startup events organized there, build my first food website and worked closely with a young company as part of student organization during four months. My motivation lied in the fact that I wanted to provide a real impact within a small team: suggest, create, build and implement. I also knew I would learn incredibly fast.

“I learned more in 3 days than during all my previous internships combined”

In September 2016, I started at Advanon as a Business Development Intern, and it went beyond my expectations. Having done few internships before, being an intern at Advanon was nothing comparable. Firstly, I started my internship during the Advanon team week in Budapest. I had the chance to meet the entire team during my first week, which was a real privilege knowing that even the board of managers haven’t met in person all the remote employees at that time. Secondly, I already had my projects, worked on my ideas a few days after I joined and learned more in 3 days than during all my previous internships combined.  As a fresh bachelor graduate, an experience like the Advanon internship is priceless.

Business Development Manager: My French mission

My journey at Advanon did not stop there. Six months later, I joined as a full-time Business Development Manager. Coming from the Romandie (Westschweiz), my first objective as an intern was to set up the pre-requirements for entering the Swiss French-speaking market. Therefore, as I started as a Business Development Manager, Advanon offered me the opportunity to take the lead role in entering the Swiss-French marketplace. Last April, the French website and the app were launched online. I then took over the market entry and business expansion with the mission of providing every SMEs in Romandie with quick and flexible financial solutions to improve their working capital. As a junior manager, it is a real challenge, which motivates me even more. Today, my daily business includes working closely with every member of the BDM team (Business Development & Marketing) to set up acquisition strategies and business development processes.

“I do not doubt for a second the future success of Advanon”

My initial plans were slightly different as I planned to start a master and travel in South America. However, the opportunity to continue working at Advanon was impossible to refuse. Advanon is smart, relentless, innovative and very ambitious. It didn’t cease to grow. The startup I began in September with is not the same today. When I started, Advanon was only available in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Nowadays, Advanon extended its distribution in Germany and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. I do not doubt for a second the future success of Advanon. I am curious to see how Advanon will grow and I want to be here to witness it.


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