Daniel Abebe

Daniel, how did you land here as Advanons Chief Marketing Officer?

Well it all started when I was working as a startup scout for Swisscom. My role was to find interesting startups all over Europe that could benefit from a partnership with the largest Telco of Switzerland and vice versa. Funny enough, Advanon was part of our portfolio and I had the chance to work very closely together with its founders: Phil, Philip and Stijn. As time flew by, we became friends and enjoyed our collaboration so much that we decided to take it a step further. I was very happy to join the team in October 2016.

What are your responsibilities?

As a CMO, I am responsible for the marketing, communication and business development for Switzerland and Germany. Together with a team of 7 brilliant colleagues, we are responsible for the entire customer journey from the acquisition to the client satisfaction over time. We all work very closely towards the same goal – help as many SMEs as possible to manage their liquidity efficiently.

All client related topics are handled by our team so we also serve as an input generator for the entire company. Client feedbacks help us define our product on an ongoing basis. We constantly listen to the market and adjust accordingly to push our clients happiness further and help even more companies down the road.

Together with our CTO, CEO and COO, I also help shaping the future of our company by defining strategies and ensuring the smooth collaboration between all departments.

How is life at Advanon?

Advanon is a young startup and we work very hard to achieve ambitious goals. It is amazing to see how smart and how dedicated people are, we all thrive towards the same vision while keeping a pleasant working atmosphere.

Here, people always come first and as we always say: “we build Advanon around people and not people around Advanon”. That is why we spend much time making sure that people are happy and that they are doing what they like most. Also, we emphasize a lot on quality time with each other. Once a year, the entire team meets in a city abroad in order to foster team spirit. Last year we met in Budapest for intensive workshops and this year we will do that again, the destination is still a surprise though.

On top of that, we have a strong TGIF (Thanks God It’s Friday) culture where drinks are on the company and where we make sure to get to know each other better in the office at first and in the best bars of Zurich or Berlin until late night. 🙂 Feel free to drop by to get a feeling next time you are around!

To sum it up, it’s an honour to be in this team of highly dedicated and capable people working on a better solution for a multi-billion dollar market.

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