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In August 2016, I joined Advanon as a credit risk intern. I was enthusiastic about becoming a member of young fintech, where the room for creativity seemed infinite. Although I was working remotely from Berlin in the first couple of months, I could easily integrate the company’s team of 14 members. A month after I began my internship, we had our first team week in Budapest. For the first time, Advanoners could physically meet all together.

Advanon Team

Advanon Team

During that week, I discovered that I wasn’t just a member of a team but rather a member of a community. That’s because Advanon was conceived by its three founders as a “people company”, where the company is built around its people and not people around the company. In Budapest, there was a special chemistry and harmony that brought us together in a very natural way. Whether talking about business related or other, we spent days and nights together working on projects, creating new features in a hackathon or dancing until sunrise.

Now that it’s been several months since I joined, I became strongly convinced that it’s this fantastic harmony that enables us to expand the company in a successful way. We are smart, passionate, creative, enthusiastic and diverse team. Yet without the joy of working together, of spending time together and of caring about each other, I doubt we’d be as successful.

Currently, one of the most challenging goals when expanding the team is to maintain this distinctive spirit and ensure that Monday mornings remain of great pleasure!


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Katharina Boehringer

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