At Advanon, we aim to attract like-minded people with the same vision: revolutionising how small and medium sized businesses manage their liquidity in order to grow. We want to simplify finance and enable success for our customers. This we can only achieve as a team of diverse and talented people with different skills and backgrounds. Since the beginning of this year, we have welcomed quite a few new Advanoners to various departments. Today, we introduce three of them: Andrea, Phil and Katharina.

Kung Fu and Coding

Andrea Pivetta joined us as a Software Engineer in January. He traded Venice for Advanon (!), is fascinated by programming language Kotlin (“the better Java”) and loves good, strong coffee. Before he discovered coding as his passion, he was Italy’s future Kung Fu fighter hope. He even trained at one of China’s most prestigious Martial Arts schools. When he signed his contract with us, there was just a little detail he had to get done parallel to the new job: finishing his degree. He did, and after four months, he’s already a valuable member of our IT team. “What I really like about Advanon, is the independence, the problems we have to solve from a coding perspective and the fact that our service adds value for KMU.”

Moving mountains and diving deep

Phil Hauser, HR at AdvanonPhil Hauser started in the HR department when our Head of HR Josie welcomed her baby girl and embarked on her life as a new mother with our six month parental leave (yes, that’s one of our famous AdvaPerks – six months for women and three for new dads). One of his first jobs on one of his first days was to on-board new employees. Five to be precise. Nobody would have noticed he was as new to the company as they were. Since then, he has pushed quite a few projects already, amongst them probably one of the biggest: our office move. “Working with driven, creative and passionate coworkers, having the freedom and flexibility to bring in own ideas and act on them – these are just a few facts why I really enjoy working at Advanon.” Phil’s next quest on the private end will be diving in the Red Sea.

Writing, riding and the wild

Katharina Boehringer, PR and Communications Manager at AdvanonKatharina Böhringer is our PR & Communications Manager. Her content feeds all our channels, from the newsletter, to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and on to our blog. She manages media relations and our general marketing activities. And yes, occasionally she writes about herself in the third person. Before joining Advanon, she was the PR & Content Creation Manager of Swiss premium sportswear brand KJUS and worked as a copywriter, PR consultant and journalist. “What I love about Advanon is that I’m surrounded by very smart and solution-driven people. We shape the future of financing, but also create a role model 21st century company culture.” Katharina is passionate about writing, horse riding, music and tennis. One of her dreams: an expedition with her seven year old daughter to see wild mountain gorillas in Africa.

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