Invoicing process: 3 steps to be more efficient

Improve invoicing process

Improve your invoicing process Many small and medium businesses tend to focus on efficient improvements in parts the operations that are linked directly to their products/services. While doing so, one can easily oversee small steps that could be improved in supporting functions such as their invoicing process. Though invoicing is a necessary part to conduct business...

Factoring Mistakes – Three common mistakes when using factoring

Factoring Mistakes

Three common factoring mistakes Factoring is a growing need for easy-to-understand financial services. Many businesses today consider to use factoring services to improve their cash balance. What most businesses quickly realize when considering using traditional factoring is how much headaches the complex contracts can cause. In this article you can find three common...

YES! Advanon wins VentureKick I & II!

Advanon wins VentureKick

Advanon wins VentureKick I & II Very recently, Advanon won the second stage of VentureKick and got awarded with CHF 20’000. Our online platform that shall make financing of small & medium businesses (SMBs) easier and more flexible, now got a total of 30’000 CHF awarded by them! Started in September 2007 VentureKick provides spin-off projects at Swiss...